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Natural Herbal Remedies - The Ayurvedic Way

Ayurvedic natural herbal remedies are an alternative medicine option for those who are frustrated by traditional, modern, medicine. For thousands of years, practitioners of Ayurvedic remedies have used organic medicines to cure sickness and treat patients. These approaches allow for healthy living in balance with nature, keeping your system in a state of natural equilibrium that will repel illness. Organic Ayurvedic herbs are a natural means of practicing the medicine, as the discipline stresses that natural cleansing of the body -- both interior and exterior -- is key to keeping your body in a state of tranquility. Indeed, you do not even need to be sick to take these natural herbs, as they will both maintain your vitality and ensure that future afflictions will be minimized or negated altogether.

The function of Ayurvedic's collection of natural cures herbal remedies is to balance a shift in one or more of your body's three elements. These are separated into 3 different body conditions, or biological energies:

• Vata - air dysfunction

• Pitta - fire dysfunction

• Kapha - earth dysfunction

It is most common for a patient to have two such imbalances; it is rare but not unheard of for all three to exist in one person at the same time.

A Vata person will have issues with breathing and circulating, suffering from bronchitis, pneumonia, or emphysema that prevents them from healthy respiration.

Likewise, those who are Pitta feel the burning sensation from fevers, malaria, inflammation, measles, or even cancer.

The Kapha body type persons may be diabetic, overweight, or suffering from heart disease.

In each case, it is not only physical symptoms that are taken into consideration, but also issues of depression, lack of motivation, inability of emotional expression, stress, and nervousness. In each case, there are Ayurvedic herbak remedies that are specific to the particular, present, state and that are designed to deal with these particular issues.

A simple form of Kapha home herbal remedies is designed to increase mental stimulation which in turn enhances the ability to focus, concentrate and increases aptitude and memory. The sage rasayana herbs is one such example,

As with much of Ayurvedic medicine, it should be emphasized, these natural herbal remedies extend beyond targeting only the particular ailment at hand; they are all designed to synergistically boost an array of bodily functions, upping your metabolism to assist with weight loss in the process.

Rejuvenating herbs like sage rasayana are well in demand for their ability to assist you in getting through a tough day, if and when you have one.

For both Vata and Pitta patients, rashona rasayana works to ease heart stress and hypertension. Taking this herbal blend will aid in lowering blood pressure, controlling dizziness or weak spells, lowering cholesterol, and going so far as to reduce chances of strokes or heart attacks. Boosting the heart muscles with rashona rasayana will have a positive effect on your nerves and reactions, minimizing stress and regulating natural breathing cycles.

These organic remedies of Ayurvedic treatments can encompass any part of the body in dysfunction. Those with kidney or urinary tract complications need look no further than gokshura rasayana herbs, which boost the natural metabolic process of the body. This allows

kidneys to work with greater efficiency by reducing waste and processing water optimally, which in turn enhances normal urination functions, prevents kidney stones from developing, alleviates cramping and thwarts dehydration.

Some ayurvedic herbs target mood disorder conditions. Neme Rasayana provides natural herbal remedies for anger. It does so by regulating liver functions, which in turn reduce irritability, temper, stress, and frustration. Neme Rasayana also increases overall blood flow and helps to purge built up toxins, allowing you to restore an enhanced sense of well being.

While these herbal supplements are safe and non-toxic, it is always a good idea to consult a certified Ayurvedic physician and/or whoever happens to be your doctor. You will be surprised to find out that many mainstream doctors accept ayurvedic medicine with open arms.

Ayurvedic natural herbal remedies have helped people the world over to feel better, perform better, and increase the quality of their everyday lives.

"Prevention is better than cure." ~ Desiderius Erasmus