Rethinking the Impact of Adolescent Fitness on Future Cardiovascular Health



Study findings suggest that for effective CVD prevention, halting and reversing the obesity epidemic should be prioritized





Obesity Research Breakthrough Allows Fat Loss While Eating All You Want



Researchers have major breakthrough in obesity research, discovering astrocytes control a cluster of neurons in the brain that regulates energy expenditure





A Third of Normal Weight People Are Actually Obese



Researchers find that the widely used Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement is less sensitive to define obesity than we previously thought





Obesity Deadlier Than Previously Thought



Excess weight or obesity boosts the risk of death by anywhere from 22% to 91% - significantly more than previously believed





Why Eating Just One Potato Chip Is So Hard



Scientists reveal genetic mechanism associated with high-calorie food-fueled obesity by understanding how eating just one potato chip is impossible





Aspartame Sweetener Linked to Anxiety



A study has linked aspartame, an artificial sweetener found in nearly 5,000 diet foods and drinks, to anxiety-like behavior





Food Smells Can Enable Time Travel to the Past



Technology helps re-construct memories using the flavor and scent of different foods in very compact shapes providing the strongest cues to help us remember the past





Non-Nutritive Sweeteners Can Alter Glycemic Responses and Microbiomes



Study reveals sugar substitutes are not inert, and some can alter human consumers' microbiomes in a way that can change their blood sugar levels





Changing to a Healthier Lifestyle



List of hints and tips on how to enjoy a healthier, happier life based on recent research that applies to people of all ages





WHO Issues Worldwide Call to Improve Physical Activity



Little progress has been made to address physical inactivity, with adolescents and disabled among least likely to have support needed to meet the World Health Organization physical activity guidelines





Appetite Loss After Exercising Explained



Study provides evidence that body temperature can act as a biological signal that regulates feeding behavior, just like hormones and nutrients do





Facial Exercises Proven to Help Women Appear Younger



Women looked an average of three years younger after 20 weeks of facial exercises which yielded firmer skin, fuller upper and lower cheeks





Old and New Food Pyramid Information with Pictures



Description of the new and old food pyramids with pictures explaining how they work and examples of how to eat healthier with proper serving sizes





What Happens When We Starve? Phases of Starvation



Information regarding the stages of starvation and the effect malnutrition has on the human body





Overeating Health Foods Perceived Less Filling



Researchers examine overconsumption of healthy foods which consumers often perceive to be less filling





Which is Better, Real Sugar or Sugar Substitutes?



Information regarding natural and artificial sweeteners as diabetic substitutes for sugar consumption





Man Consumes 10 Regular Then 10 Diet Cokes Daily, Highlighting Potential Health Concerns



George Prior is documenting his health while consuming 10 Cokes a day to increase public awareness about danger of excessive sugar in standard American diet





Add Years to Your Life with a Healthy Lifestyle



For the first time the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle can be depicted in numbers





Dehydration: General Information and Prevention



Information regarding prevention of dehydration by consuming enough water throughout the day





Add Citrus Fiber to Meatballs to Improve Nutritional Quality



Study shows including citrus fiber in ground beef products for nutritional reasons still retains quality and taste of the meat





Associated Health Risks of Eating Fast Foods



Eating fast food more than twice a week is associated with weight gain and insulin resistance in young adults who are otherwise healthy





Abnormal Posturing and Potential Causes



Abnormal posturing happens with little stimulation and is a sign of serious damage to the central nervous system





Farm-fresh Produce Benefits Families and Communities



Getting back to basics by eating balanced meals and fresh farm produce can benefit families and communities in many ways





Are Eggs a Healthy Breakfast Choice



Are eggs as a breakfast food healthy or are they a high cholesterol trap the answer depends on what the hen eats says a Tel Aviv University researcher





American School Milk Battle Won by Jamie Oliver



Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is celebrating victory in its ongoing campaign to get U.S. children properly fed in American schools





Lowfat Chocolate Milk - Post Exercise Recovery Advantages



Drinking lowfat chocolate milk after a tough workout helps give trained and amateur athletes a post exercise training advantage





Obesity Impact on the Workplace



Lockton expert shares insights on current obesity trends, wellness tips for employers, and treatment options like bariatric surgery





Most Americans Want Health Coaching



WellPoint health coaches work with employees to identify and resolve clinical and non-clinical issues that impact their ability to be productive





Lifestyle Not Genetics Affects Life Expectancy



How long your parents lived does not affect how long you will live. It is how you live your life that determines life expectancy





American Women Speak Out About Weight Loss and Healthy Eating



Study revealed that when it comes to achieving or maintaining their ideal weight most women are ill-informed on the most effective or healthy ways to do so





Most Significant Fitness Trends For 2011 - Extreme Fitness



Extreme Fitness announces top fitness trends based on survey of over 1000 group fitness experts personal trainers fitness consultants and nutritionists





Rice Bran Revolutionizes Modern Nutrition



Rice bran is the most nutrient-dense food ever tested and a source of over one dozen important vitamins and minerals





Eat Healthy Live Longer



The leading causes of death have shifted from infectious diseases to chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer





Tips for Burning More Calories



One of the quickest and most effective ways to burn calories in your body is to increase your metabolic rate





Battle the Bulge This Holiday Season - TurboSonic



With the new TurboSonic sound vibration system adults can experience a 60 minute aerobic and anaerobic workout in just 10 minutes